Barbara Dever….Mon coeur 

A-B-A-B Comparison 1998/2018

Rachael Jewell…Opera-Bway-pop

Crossover…1 yr/2yrs of study

Marianne Bindig…Samson & Delilah

A-B-A-B Comparison 6 months/2 years

Taras Chmil  Adam Klein  High notes:

Romantic, seductive, strong (high C’s)

Jessica Van Kipp…3 octaves, Don’t

rain on my parade, Glitter and be gay

Adam Klein…..”Doesn’t feel like a C!”

2013-2014-2017  High C, Forza, Otello

Anna Bergman… Belt/mix class

“…it feels so comfortable!”

Lianne Marie Dobbs

at The Metropolitan Room

Duncan Hartman

Non piu andrai

Dominique Donnarumma

At Last and Rusalka Highlights

Belt/mix class…first time belting!

Lisa Flanagan and Marianne Bindig

Carrie Gray…La Forza del Destino

at the  Westben Canada Intensive

Rachael Jewell

Pop>Opera A-B-A-B

Adam Klein

Dio! Mi potevi scagliar    Otello