April 1, 2 and 3, 2023

July 28-29, 2022


About Vocal Intensives

Dr.Michael Warren developed the vocal intensive master class in 1997, in order to share his unique technique with his students who are also teachers. These Intensives have been equally beneficial to singers and teachers. Singers of all levels have seen amazing progress and breakthroughs.

What is a Vocal Intensive?

The vocal intensive is a powerful immersion experience that accelerates and heightens each singer’s vocal and artistic development. Singers work one-on-one with Dr. Warren in ½ hour lessons that are observed by the other participants, providing a cumulative experience of singing, listening and gaining insight into Dr. Warren’s technique that greatly enhances each participant’s understanding of their own vocal process.

The opportunity to both sing and to observe Dr. Warren working with others allows all participants to share their vocal strengths and benefit from each other’s progress.

This video illustrates one of the most powerful aspects of the vocal intensive experience, modeling. The opportunity to hear singers of different voice types working on their voices can help participants clarify aspects of their own vocal technique.

Intensives can last from a one day mini-intensive to a full 5 day intensive.

Additional Benefits of Intensives

* Auditing all Master Class lessons

* Participating in Technique Talks Q&A

* Performing in daily concerts

* Engaging in discussions at breaks/mealtimes


Michael has conducted intensives both nationally and internationally in New York, Los Angeles, Bellingham (WA), Toronto as well as in Italy and France. Every summer he holds a week-long Vocal Intensive in New York City.


If you would like to host a Michael Warren Vocal Intensive in your city, please contact Michael  at [email protected].

Michael with some of the participants in a New York Intensive

Belt/Mix class

Rebecca Ramo, Anna Bergman,
Lianne Marie Dobbs, and Lisa Flanigan giving examples
of middle voice registration in different voice types (Singing A scale).