Mission Statement

To promote an approach to singing and vocal pedagogy based on the natural function of the human voice.

To promote a philosophy of singing and teaching based on the concept of empowering the singer and strengthening their innate vocal and musical instincts.

 To promote an approach to pedagogy based primarily on the observation of the great  singers of all genres.


“…I could never sing any styles other than opera until I started studying with Michael Warren. He’s taken me to another level and I’m so thankful and lucky I get to work with such an amazing and supportive teacher!”

Rachael Jewell

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Michael Warren for the past five years.  After over two prior decades of vocal study, he has elicited in my technique more range, more fluidity of registration, more breath control — all through vocal exercise.  My voice is fully released!  For the first time in my life I am able to sing pianissimo and staccato high notes easily.  Warren has a way of bringing out the best in each individual voice without strain, without pushing, without extraneous material.  The voice is allowed to come forth in its fullest form, with range of dynamic, pitch, and musicality.   The breathing and support are totally natural.   I feel like I’m singing better than I’ve ever sung.”

Cantor Sharon Brown-Levy

“Mike is rare because he sees beauty in every voice, and knows how to bring it out. His technique is so easy to follow–I now know that I can reach any height of singing, simply by listening to him. Lessons with Mike are like going back to being a baby: making the most primal, open sounds. His love for people and music flows into his work. Each lesson brings unimagined breakthroughs. Singing with him is one of the greatest thrills of my life.”

Claire Hosterman


Please Note!!
Belting is good for your opera singing only if you are belting correctly.
Singing opera is good for your belting only if you are singing correctly.

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