His gift for identifying the innate strengths in each voice and his command of vocal mechanics have contributed to 3 decades of success in the prominent vocal studio of Michael Warren, D.M.A.

Teaching online (and phone lesson) for over 30 years has given him a unique ability to teach singing remotely.

Michael’s students are noted for their exceptional range and stamina, even registration, and for the individuality of their vocal quality and timbre. Several have debuted in leading roles at the Metropolitan Opera. His students have sung in all the major opera houses of the world including Covent Garden, La Scala, San Francisco, and Bayreuth, and have appeared with such renowned artists as Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo and Mirella Freni. They have also performed leading roles on Broadway and in major jazz venues globally. Many have established significant careers as voice teachers.

He has a track record of rehabilitating and enhancing the voices of established performers as well as cultivating emerging talent. Working from the natural function of the voice, his singular pedagogical approach enables each singer’s own instrument to develop from its particular strengths. This emphasis builds vocal health and frees performers from cautious, overthought singing. The result is a legion of loyal voices with distinctive power and vivid artistic expression.

He earned his Doctorate in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance from the University of Maryland, along with Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Denver. He has served as vocal pedagogy instructor at Finland’s Korsholm Festival, sharing faculty status with Nicolai Gedda. Houston Grand Opera named Dr. Warren one of the top 10 voice teachers in New York City.

Michael’s expertise has developed outside the academy walls as well. His teaching philosophy has been shaped by decades of studying the world’s great performers in every genre combined with his observation of the vocal development of his six children.

In 1997, Michael founded ProVoce Studios, along with six of his students who are also teachers. In conjunction with this, he developed the Vocal Intensive concept, where these teachers watched Michael teach their students as well as other singers of all levels.

Singers and Teachers Who Study or Have Studied With Michael Warren
Opera Singers Who Have Sung Leading Roles at International Opera Houses

Frederica von Stade

Barbara Dever*

Brett Polegato*
Ashley Putnam *
Katherine Ciesinski*

Mimi Lerner*
Adam Klein
Molly Fillmore
Laura Pudwell
Duncan Hartman
Karen Beardsley 

Kristine Ciesinski
Peter Van Derick
Susan Roberts
Norman Baily
Richard Cowan
John Craig Johnson
William Parcher
John Carpenter

*Metropolitan Opera debut while studying with MW

Broadway, Jazz, Contemporary Music, Cabaret and Pop Singers

Anna Bergman
Denise DiRenzo*
Lianne Marie Dobbs
Jessica Burrows Van Kipp
Krysta Rodriguez
Margot Hansen
Bob Dorough
Ira Heller
Lucy Shelton
Anita Gravine
Lynn Kearney

*Broadway debut while studying with MW

Winners of International Vocal Competitions

Kristine Ciesinski
Katherine Ciesinski
Ashley Putnam
John Carpenter
Richard Cowan
Duncan Hartman
Mark Baker
Ned Barth

Teachers Conservatories and Universities

Barbara Dever
Tina Torlone
Molly Fillmore
Maitland Peters
Karen Beardsley Peters
Kristine Ciesinski
Katherine Ciesinski
Mimi Lerner
Marianne Bindig
MJ Johnson
Dr. Jon Robert Cart
Dr. Kathleen Rowland
Dr. John Craig Johnson
Dr. Jane Tavernier
Dr. Paula Doria
Richard Cowan
William Parcher

Private Teachers

Margot Hanson
Rob Viens
Adam Klein
Ted Dougherty
Mark Power
Marianna Giordano
Gabriel Mijares