REGISTRATION FORM for Dr. Michael Warren’s Toronto Vocal Intensive

November 2-4, 2019

Please note:

Extra lessons: if you have paid for extra lessons that are not available, a refund will be issued.

Availability: if you would be available for other sessions than the ones you have signed up for, please make a note in the “scheduling for lessons” box at the bottom of the registration page.

Cancellation policy:

Refunds will be issued only if canceled lesson slot/s can be filled.

If we are able to fill the cancelled lesson slot a processing fee of 15% will be deducted from the fees paid.

Required Recording Policy Agreement

Your Registration includes your agreement with Michael Warren’s Vocal Intensive Recording Policy

For your personal use, audio recording (no video) of your own individual lesson(s) is permitted, using your own portable recording device.   Recordings may not be reproduced or distributed in any format, without the expressed written consent of Michael Warren.

No other audio or video recording is permitted during the Vocal Intensive.

This restriction includes, but is not limited to the following:

–  Lessons for other participants
–  Technique Talks or Q & A
–  Group Vocalization

  • Master Class lessons / Audit with Dr. Warren

    Intensive session (including 1/2 hour accompanied lesson + audit): $105 US
    Intensive audit (no lesson): $20 US
  • Private lessons with Dr. Warren

    Private lesson, unaccompanied, 1/2 hour: $75 US, 3/4 hour: $105 US, 1 hour: $135 US
  • We will assume you are available for a lesson during the hours you have registered to attend. Please note any exceptions.
  • $0.00
  • American Express