Welcome to my website! I’ve put together some short video clips to introduce you to my teaching.

    • I’ve included some of the vocalizations to illustrate how I handle vocal registration in my teaching. My goal with each singer is to balance the registration so they are able to sing in any style of music with freedom and flexibility.
    • Please keep in mind the compression of the timeline in these lessons! When Jessica Van Kipp sings the three octave arpeggios, it is actually one half hour into the lesson. Don’t try this without warming up!
    • Enjoy!

Please Note!!
Belting is good for your opera singing only if you are belting correctly.
Singing opera is good for your belting only if you are singing correctly.

Marianne Bindig…Mon coeur  Samson & Delilah

A-B-A-B Comparison 6 months/2 years



Adam Klein…Easy high C!, Lohengrin, and La Forza del Destino Highlights

Jessica Van Kipp…Savin’ all my love, High E!, Queen of the Night

Duncan Hartman

Singing Non piu andrei 

Anna Bergman…So in Love, Mean to Me Highlights, Amarillo Symphony

Taras Chmil…Be My Love, I’ll Be Seeing You, Celeste Aida Highlights

Lianne Marie Dobbs

at The Metropolitan Room

Barbara Dever with Pavarotti and Pons

Don Carlos Garden scene trio highlights

Dominique Donnarumma Sings At Last and Rusalka Highlights

Barbara Dever with Zubin Mehta

Habanera from Carmen

Carrie Gray Singing from La Forza del Destino at Westben Intensive

Rachael Jewell

Pop>Opera A-B-A-B

Crossing over…